What is Sony Media Cloud Services?

Sony Media Cloud Services is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America that develops and provides cloud-based media utility services designed to help creative professionals at all levels streamline content production, and work collaboratively with teams anywhere in the world to create, produce, edit, and prepare content for the world.

What is Ci?

Ci is a rich media collaboration cloud platform with innovative production applications built specifically for the media industry. It’s armed and ready to collect, collaborate, and catalog your media files to help creative talent produce high-value, high-definition content. Store, share, edit, review, approve, archive, and prepare your footage — all in one cloud.

How much is Ci?

Glad you asked. Anyone can try Ci for free by clicking here to sign up for an account.  When you’re done kicking the tires you can sign up for a variety of subscriptions based on your storage needs.  Our professional packages are offered on a per user per month basis and we also include a free trial of our application Worksessions (but hurry — that’s for a limited time!).

What’s a WorksessionSM?

That’s any of our innovative professional applications such as RoughCut, VideoReview, and AudioReview and more. We understand that different projects need different tools. With Worksessions, you get all of these apps bundled in Worksession packages so you can pick and choose which one you need to work with at any time. Roughcut to your hearts content. Then start a VideoReview session with your team. Whatever it takes to make your project perfect — we’ve got a Worksession ready to help you.

What are the system requirements?

We are currently supporting Webkit-based browsers, including Safari and Chrome, which support cutting-edge HTML5 features such as accelerated browser-based uploads and MP4 video formats. Support for additional browsers is on the roadmap. Additionally, to guarantee a responsive experience using the tools, a broadband internet connection is recommended.

How secure are my files?

The security of your content is top of mind for us, which is why Sony Media Cloud Services is monitored 24x7x365 by Sony’s Global Security Operations Center. Our systems are subject to continual scan and regular penetration testing to help ensure that they are robust and resilient. We are ISO Certified and externally verified to be compliant with MPAA’s best practices leading our market in terms of third party assurance and validation.

How can I provide feedback on Ci?

We’re working 24/7 to constantly evolve and develop services for our users. Your feedback is critical and we would love to hear from you. Simply click here to shoot us an email.