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Cost-effective long-term storage solutions for your professional media.

Ci goes beyond secure and redundant storage by making your content more accessible which makes it more valuable. Because it’s hard to monetize content that you can’t find.

What Ci Offers

Ci stores your files securely and redundantly, extracts and indexes valuable metadata, and automatically creates thumbnails and adaptive bitrate preview proxies that can be streamed from any connected device anywhere in the world.

Maximize discoverability and bypass complex naming conventions with our custom metadata tags. Restored files are available for collaboration with our powerful Ci Workspace tools.

Brought to you by the digital media and solutions experts at Sony - proven cloud solutions provider to Hollywood studios, global broadcast companies, and media professionals.

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No complexities. No installations. No deployment timelines. Simply sign up to start archiving content in Ci today - It's just clicks away!

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Leverage our robust REST API and allow automation magic to take your workflow to a whole new level. Integrate your cloud archive directly with your internal systems or feed your customer portal with thumbnails and proxies that are already on a global CDN.

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Only Sony can offer solutions for media content across the entire life cycle from capture to distribution to preservation. From Sony camcorders to media management solutions like NavigatorX and Optical Disc Archive, Ci's cloud archive is just another reason why you should keep your content with us!

Cloud Archiving Perks

Lower your overhead

Lower Your Overhead

Managing archives is people and process intensive and takes you away from your core business focus of creating, distributing and publishing compelling content to maximize viewership. The economics of cloud storage are changing fast. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has become significantly lower than buying, managing and maintaining on-premise archive systems. Ci Cloud Archive enables media and broadcasting professionals to shift resources from non-value add cost structures to monetization and revenue generating activities. Cost effective access without the overhead.


Scalability = Futureproof

Building and maintaining on-premise archives requires costly equipment, space, complex processes and staff to manage the facility. As your company grows so does the amount of content you manage. Physical archive solutions require you to pay upfront for unused storage space, commit labor to installations and maintenance, take up expensive square footage and need to be consistently monitored. Meanwhile, cloud services only charge for the storage that you actually use and scales fluidly with your needs. Facility planning is eliminated because cloud archive has no physical footprint.

More access more control

Access. Anywhere. Anytime.

Being stuck on a locally-networked or non-networked archive system could greatly hinder the speed of your operation and impact your revenue opportunities. Moving your archive to the cloud means you now have control of all your content with accessibility that can extend beyond your network. Whether your team is on-set in Iceland or your content servicing manager is out sick, your content can be previewed and restored with just a few mouse clicks.

Archive for a rainy day

Save to the Cloud for a Rainy Day

Already have a primary archive? Ci can be your disaster recovery plan. Archive best practices suggest following 3-2-1. 3 copies of your data on 2 types of media with 1 copy offsite. This redundancy protects content creators and owners in case of infrastructural disruptions, natural disasters, political unrest or any other factor that could limit access to their valuable media assets.

Ci Cloud Archive checks two of these boxes right out of the “box”. Your content is stored in multiple offsite locations with automated integrity checks ensuring each copy remains intact and accessible. To build a comprehensive backup solution an off-premise storage facility is critical and Ci Cloud Archive is built to meet this need without additional CapEx costs on hardware, construction, or rent.

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